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New printers arrived

new printers arrived with visual and audio nitification for new order . .

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message-img Posted: 10/07/2016
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Welcome to Tamiaki E.P.E!

Tamiaki L.T.D was created in 1987 by experienced and well-trained people in the field of technology and office automatism, which have created a solemn and powerful association. Our long standing presence and experience in the market and its needs have made us give quick and prompt solutions to the problems.

Our philosophy, standard and aim is to provide complete services to all customers after the sale, by giving ad hoc and technical solutions. The knowledge, the experience and the love of Tamiaki L.T.D. co-operators to the object, the high standards in choosing the mechanical equipment, as and the integral support to its customers, have made Tamiaki top of the tops.

With this upswing and the increasing number of clients, Tamiaki LTD won recognition and became the first company in automatism and computerization, offering the most complete services to all clients.

Soon, Tamiaki LTD was the first to install a POS system (the first compete installation was in 1992) and created a special RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT department aiming in finding the best HARDWARE for the perspective SOFTWARE. Today, Tamiaki LTD, has probably the biggest active POS systems’ base in Greece.

During the development of the POS, the company tried to choose a handy HARDWARE, giving emphasis to the security of the information and Servers, and to the best utilization of the information given. For this purpose it used an open platform program covering even the most demanding customers. It tried to choose very carefully the peripheral equipment (scanners, drawers) as and the possibility of changing the programs in order to connect them with different peripherals (scales, kitchen printer, magnetic card readers).

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